1. What is the Status Match promotion?
    Frontier are offering to match the tier of Frontier members that have a tier with an Eligible airline. Eligible members can apply here for the Status Match.
  2. Do I have to be an existing Frontier member to participate in the promotion?
    No. If you are not an existing Frontier member you can join here and then participate in the promotion like any other member.
  3. Do I have to have the Frontier Airlines Mastercard to participate?
    No, but with the Frontier Airlines World Mastercard® you earn 1 qualifying mile with every $1 spent on purchases to help you retain your matched tier. Find out more here
  4. Do I have to be a Discount Den® member to participate?
    No, but being a Discount Den® member provides you with exclusive access to Frontier’s lowest fares to compliment your new status. Find out more here
  5. What airline elite status can I match into Frontier?
    Eligible airlines are shown on the "Status Comparison" table here
  6. How much does it cost to apply for the Status Match promotion?
    A $49 application fee applies to all applications for airlines shown on the status comparison table and $349 for all others.
  7. It's been more than 72 hours since I submitted my application and my match is not approved yet.
    We aim to have all matches complete witin 72 hours. In rare circumstances, and if you have had to re-submit any information to us, it might be slightly longer. You can always check on the status of your application here.
  8. I am an Elite Tier with an airline, that is not listed as an Eligible Airline, can I match?
    A tiered member with an airline that is not listed as an Eligible Airline, can participate in the Buy Up Program and pay a fee to obtain a tier with Frontier.
  9. I don't have status with another airline, can I get a Frontier Status?
    Not through the Status Match or Buy Up promotions. To participate in the Status Match and Buy Up promotions, a member must meet the eligibility requirements. Customers that do not meet the eligibility requirements can obtain Status with Frontier through the standard program rules.
  10. I already have Frontier elite status; can I match my Frontier status with another program?
  11. How long does it take before my Frontier loyalty status is upgraded?
    Successful members will be informed via email within 72 hours of the application.
  12. When can I start using my Frontier elite status?
    Successful members will receive a confirmation email from Frontier within 72 hours of the application. The new Tier will be effective immediately providing the member access to the tier benefits subject to Frontier policy & terms.
  13. Other Status Match promotions can take several weeks or even months to be processes, how can Frontier process the applications so quickly?
    Frontier have partnered with Loyalty Data Co to verify the application and expediate the process. Loyalty Data Co use a unique data enabled process to validate the application significantly quicker than traditional methods..
  14. What are the benefits of my Frontier elite status?
    The Frontier elite benefits are here
  15. Will members that obtain a Frontier Tier through the Status Match or Buy up promotion have the same benefits as other Frontier tier members?
    Yes. Members that obtain a Frontier Tier through the Status Match or Buy Up promotions will have the same program benefits as other Frontier Tiered members.
  16. How long is my Frontier loyalty status valid for once upgraded?
    Status awarded in the Status Match and Buy Up promotions will be valid until 31 December 2021. Members can maintain their tier through earning Qualifying Miles.
  17. Why do I pay an Application Fee?
    The application fee covers costs of processing the application including verifying the information provided.
  18. What happens if my application is not successful?
    Applicants that are not successful will be notified by email with 72 hours of the application. If we are unable to validate your application, we may ask for additional information from you, which may take longer than 72 hours. Application fees are non-refundable.
  19. What will appear on my credit card statement?
    The application fee / Buy Up Fee will appear as FRONTIER STATUS MATCH or LOYALTY ST* LOYALTY ST billed in United States Dollars (USD).
  20. How can I contact you if I have more questions?
    Email the Status Match team at [email protected].
  21. I have status with multiple airlines, what can I get?
    The Status of the highest Eligible airline will be matched. Submit your US-based airline program details with the airline you hold the highest status with.

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